Some say that it is only entrepreneurs and salespeople who can change the world for the better.

It is a fair statement, but you also have an essential part in changing the world, whatever your role or position.

Did you know that there is a stranger somewhere who remembers you for being kind to him or her when nobody else was?

That’s the power you have, the ability to be the change you want to see.

One act of kindness after another.



Action beats procrastination. And getting started is usually the most challenging.

A show is made up of different acts. The same can be said of a project, proposal, or whatever you have to get done.

All the small acts combined gets the job done, bit by bit.

My late grandmother used to say that if it will take you less than two minutes, do it now.

Do things in less than two minutes. Step-by-step.

One thing leads to another.



I greeted this day with love in my heart, only to realise that love’s secret to success in all ventures is love.

And now, contemplating this day’s achievements I have nothing, but gratitude for:

· My beautiful dwelling.

· Being blessed with clothes Solomon envies.

· Being here now.

· And doing what I love

These blessings await you too.

Embrace it.




Reinhardt Jobse

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