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I was going to tell you a story about marketing, but there are times when someone nails it perfectly, and by telling your version will do it an injustice.

In this case, Seth Godin is an author and changemaker who inspires millions of entrepreneurs, leaders, and me. He is a thought leader on marketing, business, and things of life.

In the preface of “This is Marketing” Seth Godin Godin shares the following:

Marketing is all around us. From your very first memories to the moment before you opened this book, you’ve been inundated by marketing. You learned from the logos on the side of the road, and you spend your time and money in response to what marketers have paid to put in front of you.

Marketing, more than a lake or a forest, is the landscape of our modern lives.

Because marketing has been done to us for so long, we take it for granted. Like the fish who doesn’t understand water, we fail to see what’s actually happening and don’t notice how it’s changing us.

It’s time to do something else with marketing. To make things better. To cause a change you’d like to see in the world. To grow your project, sure, but mostly to serve the people you care about.

The answer to just about every question about work is really the question, “Who can you help?”

Who are you going to help today?

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