How To Go Balls To The Walls Or Regret Dabbling

Today I want to tell you a story which has nothing to do with laws, attraction, and the universe.

It was 15 years ago that I lived and worked in the United Kingdom.

Wow! I had a jolly good time and would do it over, and over time and again. It was a fantastic experience, and to this day I’m happy and grateful for the opportunity that I had.

I worked at the Fox & Hounds as a kitchen porter, and after some time, with experience and improvement in my English, I got to work behind the bar.

I can write a whole J.K. Rowling Franchise about the two years I spent there.

The bottom line is this …

I had a whale of a time and went balls to the walls.

And that my friend is my message to you today.

Go all the way. Go balls to the walls.

Don’t dabble. Don’t be afraid.

Do it with love, zest and passion.

If you’re breaking up with a girl if you’re getting married or going to the barber.

It doesn’t matter what you’re after …

Commit and passionately go balls to the walls.

That’s all from the top of my head today.

Take care,


PS: I would love the opportunity to hear what your passion is. Do share. I dare you


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